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Sacred Men - Journey of 9 months (1day/month)

You don't find meaning in your life? You don't know how to get of a locked situation: a relationship, a job, a life in wich you don't reconignize yourself anymore ?
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Sacred Men - Journey of 9 months (1day/month)

Time and adress

27 Mar, 10:30 – 17:00

About the event

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You ask yourself the following questions :

Who am I ?

What is my place as a man today?

I have everything I want but I am not happy?

Am I looking for meaning in my life?

Which way to take (studies - new work - love - mission ...)?

Life change, what choices to make?

I realize that the life I lead does not satisfy me or more, was it really my choice at the start?

I want to change certain behaviors, how can I do it alone?


If these questions speak to you: this 9-day module is made for you! An online version coming soon :-)

To get to know you better to make better choices in life and above all to know who you are not!


On the program :

• Késako today “to be a man”? What place today in society, in the family, in the couple?

• The beliefs, diagrams, links which enclose me, which slow down my evolution?

• My inner child?

• My communication with others? How do I act or react? What can I improve?

• The male / female balance in me: friends - enemies - strangers?

• Respect, the love I give or not, whether I give to the other or not?

• And now what are the concrete actions that I want to carry out in the various spheres of my life?

• This "New Man" how to bring him, to radiate him in daily life and / or in the world?


This trip is meant to be an original experience, very concrete but above all you will live the process. While following the common thread of the internship (thanks to various tools), my specificity is that this process is "tailor-made" for each of the people present in the group.

Before the course, we will contact you for a 15-minute interview. A questionnaire will be sent to you to start the 9 days.

Between the days, the journey continues in you and at home. You will become aware of certain things and decide to modify them or not, only you can make the choice of your path towards your personal evolution . You have your share of responsibility!


Schedule: 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. (reception from 9:30 a.m.)


Breaks: Coffee / tea / snacks offered.

Lunch: Spanish inn + seasonal soup offered.


Investment :

Individuals: 121 euros per day (VAT included) (1 day / month)

Companies / Freelancers: contact me by email



Payment per month or 90.75 euros (incl. VAT): payment via the site, or by bank transfer must be made 1 week before each training day. A deposit of 30%, or 363 euros (TVAC) will validate your registration.


Attention: The commitment for the 9 days is essential for the cohesion of the group.


Possibility of individual coaching: 60 € / hour. (special offer for those who follow the module)


Les inscriptions sont closes

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