Our training for companies

Stress Management

Prevention is better than cure! It is better to take precautions to stay healthy than to have to treat a disease.  For this: it's important to:

•    understand the process of stress to prevent its negative effects
•    know oneself better to deal with the pressures of the environment.


This training, allows you to develop a personalized action plan necessary to regain the path of well-being. Through simple daily actions you will promote your physical and psychological development.

Duration : 3 days 


Burnout: detect and prevent it


Burnout, a fashion effect? Not to be taken lightly, some are so at the end of their rope that they want to end life.

Serious prevention starts with information and awareness: one of the first symptoms of burnout is the loss of motivation and sense of purpose.

This training gives you ideas for solutions and concrete tools to regain the pleasure at work.

​Duration : 2 days 




Leadership roles and styles  –  My organization  -  My verbal and non-verbal communication as a Leader Me, a Charismatic Leader?

Duration : 2 days

Get to know YOU better to be more efficient at work!


With this training: You will discover your blockaging situations, you will change your habits or beliefs to move towards your goal, you will become aware of your needs/values, your qualities and skills.


You will develop your dynamism, your passion. You will imagine your goal in time and plan it and at the end you will feel and see clearly what you want to be, do and achieve!


Duration : 2 days